Plamen 850 Wood Cooker


The Plamen 850 Wood Cooker is a remarkable wood-burning stove and oven that offers a heating capacity of up to 11kW. Not only does it heat your home during winter, but it also allows you to harness the generated heat for cooking on the stovetop or in the oven, resulting in an off-grid, zero-electricity cooking solution.

Additional information

Weight 121 kg
Dimensions 84.5 × 59.4 × 83.8 cm

Cast iron with steel surround

Heat output

8 – 11 kw



Energy rating


CO emissions


Combustion technology

Primary, secondary & tertiary combustion


White or Red, Black, Cream



Flue pipe diameter

120 mm

Flue exit

Top or rear

Ash pan

Slide out tray


2-year warranty

Country of manufacture


Plamen fireplaces are built to be tough! Each unit is forged from a thick mould of high-quality cast iron – giving them the strength and durability to withstand many winters.

These stoves offer excellent radiant heating for your home, even long after the last log of wood has been added. Being efficient, closed-combustion fireplaces, the majority of the heat is released into the room rather than being wasted up the chimney.

With very impressive technical specifications, these wood-burning fireplaces offer a highly effective, yet economical heating solution. With great attention to detail given to the design and quality of each stove, a Plamen fireplace is an eye-catching addition to any home.

To improve the safety, performance and lifespan of the fireplaces, Plamen uses only high quality, heat-resistant glass. Thanks to the specialised, air-wash glass cleaning system, the soot deposits on the glass door are greatly reduced compared to other fireplaces on the market.

Each fireplace comes standard with a heat protective glove and wood stoker.

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Plamen fireplaces are available throughout South Africa